This non-profit had trouble with program participation and lack of funding. 
The goal for this usability study was to find out how can The Aperture Project (TAP) gain visibility in the community of Portland. TAP is a non-profit that connects children through photography and writing, broadening their world view while promoting tolerance and understanding.
With the executive director's permission, I was able to email 151 people using their subscriber list to send out an email survey. I than contacted parents and volunteers who are familiar with TAP's mission and conducted a phone screener and selected five users who fit our criteria for our usability test.
 Through the email survey and the in-person usability test, three major discoveries happened.
1. The Aperture Project needs to advertise in parent-oriented blogs/publications.
2. Clear up messaging and program descriptions. Offer more content so parents can understand TAP's programs
3. To generate revenue, TAP needs to establish more programs that benefit the children.

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